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Weekend report

The  weekend report.
Lost 3.6 lbs, and  1 inch  off the waist. Every other body part remained the same, except I gained .2 inches in my thigh :(
Major Fails:-
1) - Polished off a jar!( 28oz) of pickles Saturday night for dinner ( I did have a baked lean turkey burger with the pickles, as a condiment) , after a 2 hour session in the steam room/ sauna/ hot tub/pool. Mostly steam room and hot tub though.  Cant blame the "banya" though, anything pickled, marinated  and salty WAS my weakness(will work on that now)


2) - Both Saturday and Monday had baked white potatoes. 1 Saturday and 2 on Monday.


1) - A lot of activity on the weekend. 1 hour of T -25, hiking for 1.5 hours, swimming ( 20 laps, breast style, not losing speed or  breath, had trouble with controlling breath just this summer)
2) - Went out to eat with the family, I ordered steamed vegetables and shrimp and broth based soup. And didnt go over my calorie  budget.
Husband was annoyed though  as I was  entering food into the losit app, before I would even take a bite. (well maybe that was a bit obsessive of me)
3) - Didn't buy lox or pickles or marinated artichokes, although came around at least three times to get them.