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I can see the progress on the scale:) I lost 3.6 lbs this week. I guess all the hard work paid off It's probably water weight, but I'll take it. I will also take measurements tonight or tomorrow morning to see if I lost any inches :) I hope I did.

T-25:- I nailed Cardio and Lower focus the day before and yesterday, but AB Circuit:- it's by far the hardest workout for me. I could cry from frustration at some point, because I just couldn't hold the "V", the "Scissor" and similar exercises where you hold your legs above the ground while you're leaning back. I think it wasn't the abs(I couldn't feel anything in the abs) - it was my legs that burned and they were just so heavy, that's when I really felt how heavy I am. But I'm getting less heavy and more fit everyday. Hopefully I can "nail" the ab circuit as well.

Foodwise, I'm doing pretty well. I'm used to the "clean" diet, one condition has to be satisfied though to reduce cravings(and they are not horrible sort of cravings, but cravings never the less) I have to have protein rich and fiber rich snacks in between meals to keep insulin levels from dropping and then spiking. Yesterday and the night before I didn't do that. Had lots of fruit (sweet) and ended up eating a jar!!!!! sic of picles and some chocolate.
Today is a new day, I need to cleanse the system from all the extra sodium (a jar of pickles!!!) and move on.