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Water is Important!!!

T-25 lower focus, done. Didnt fill my water bottle at work first thing in the morning, and then got so engrossed in work that forgot all about it. My calves and quads were spasmic all through calf jumps and lunges , respectively.  Need to remember to drink.
But so glad that I finished the workout. Glad its over.
Oh, just remembered, I had a calf spasm tonight, woke up in the middle of the night from pain. Need to remember to add cinnamon anf turmeric to my diet.


T-25, Speed 1.0


T-25 Speed 1.0.
Nailed it mostly without modifications. The only time had to modify was in the last 5 minites on jumping burpees, because I was breathless.
I concentrated on breathing these past two days and it was much easier to move.
Also, I felt much lighter on my feet, that leaden feeling in my legs is totally gone and I could actually jump without wincing.

Weekend report

The  weekend report.
Lost 3.6 lbs, and  1 inch  off the waist. Every other body part remained the same, except I gained .2 inches in my thigh :(
Major Fails:-
1) - Polished off a jar!( 28oz) of pickles Saturday night for dinner ( I did have a baked lean turkey burger with the pickles, as a condiment) , after a 2 hour session in the steam room/ sauna/ hot tub/pool. Mostly steam room and hot tub though.  Cant blame the "banya" though, anything pickled, marinated  and salty WAS my weakness(will work on that now)


2) - Both Saturday and Monday had baked white potatoes. 1 Saturday and 2 on Monday.


1) - A lot of activity on the weekend. 1 hour of T -25, hiking for 1.5 hours, swimming ( 20 laps, breast style, not losing speed or  breath, had trouble with controlling breath just this summer)
2) - Went out to eat with the family, I ordered steamed vegetables and shrimp and broth based soup. And didnt go over my calorie  budget.
Husband was annoyed though  as I was  entering food into the losit app, before I would even take a bite. (well maybe that was a bit obsessive of me)
3) - Didn't buy lox or pickles or marinated artichokes, although came around at least three times to get them.



I can see the progress on the scale:) I lost 3.6 lbs this week. I guess all the hard work paid off It's probably water weight, but I'll take it. I will also take measurements tonight or tomorrow morning to see if I lost any inches :) I hope I did.

T-25:- I nailed Cardio and Lower focus the day before and yesterday, but AB Circuit:- it's by far the hardest workout for me. I could cry from frustration at some point, because I just couldn't hold the "V", the "Scissor" and similar exercises where you hold your legs above the ground while you're leaning back. I think it wasn't the abs(I couldn't feel anything in the abs) - it was my legs that burned and they were just so heavy, that's when I really felt how heavy I am. But I'm getting less heavy and more fit everyday. Hopefully I can "nail" the ab circuit as well.

Foodwise, I'm doing pretty well. I'm used to the "clean" diet, one condition has to be satisfied though to reduce cravings(and they are not horrible sort of cravings, but cravings never the less) I have to have protein rich and fiber rich snacks in between meals to keep insulin levels from dropping and then spiking. Yesterday and the night before I didn't do that. Had lots of fruit (sweet) and ended up eating a jar!!!!! sic of picles and some chocolate.
Today is a new day, I need to cleanse the system from all the extra sodium (a jar of pickles!!!) and move on.


T-25 Rant

I can feel my shoulders, back and neck, the trapezius and deltoids. I think that with this workout I'll have a great review of my long forgotten  anatomy course, at least the musculo-  skeletal part of it. I am sore, although not as sore as last week. Last week I felt like a robot and every movement was a struggle. Why then, when this week I worked out harder, I had sweat pooling all over my hardwood floors, and when the workout was over I literaly fell down onto my  sweaty floor to catch my breath, why did my body and my treacherous Heart Rate Monitor not show the hard work?
I can forgive the HRM, its a stupid electronic and can't account for squats and lunges, it accounts for planks and spider walk planks as  rest. Seriosly, I checked. Jumping, jogging = 150+ bpm, plank =120-130 bpm.
I need to learn to forgive my body, and myself. I need to learn to stop being obsessive over details, and just enjoy the ride.
This morning, while I creakily dragged my stone laden self out of bed, I decided that I Want to finish the entire program - the alpha, beta, gamma the combo, and  then go through Insanity, despite the soreness and the data on my HRM.


Finally Nailed T-25, Cardio!!!  so happy about it, funny thing is my heart rate monitor stopped working in the very middle of the workout, I got sooo mad, and worked sooo hard. :)

Jan. 27th, 2014

I had such a ridiculous day. Lousy and not productive at all workday, then home fed the monsters and dropped them at swim practice, came home and had to do cooking and food prep for the week ahead. The most important thing is I didnt forget myself in all the craziness.
I marinated 6 chicken breasts, boiled some eggs, and roasted some trout so that I can have dinner and lunch all week.
I did the T-25 Stretch - OMG it felt GOOD to stretch, if only I could do yoga in the AM.


Results post.
Iam done with the first week of Focus T-25. Its tough. I am in pain, good kind though.
During Cardio still couldnt jump, damn ankle started throbing almost immediately, on a good note:
Took measurements again, lost a few inches :)
Waist Total:- 3"
Neck : -1.5"
Chest:- 1"
Thigh: -1.8"
Bicep: -.5"
Hip: -.2"
Weight is up though .7 since yesterday morning. But that could be frim muscle tear.


Weight: -232.2

Made measurements for T-25, it's been a week since last measurements were taken: -
Small success almost 2 inches off my waist :) other body parts do not cooperate yet.

Started the Focus T-25 workout, I survived, had to do the modified version. Multiple injuries to my freaking ankle and the knee problem make jumping hard, but even the modified version was intense. My legs felt leaden, my body - heavy.
Found a great motivator on facebook:
"If you're tired of starting over, do not give up" - need to plaster that on my wall.
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My day came out to 1498 cal, with Fat:- 27%
Carbs:- 32%
Protein:- 41%

Breakfast (6:30 am) :- Choco Shakeology, 2 tbs PB2, 1/2 banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsn chia seeds

Breakfast 2 (10:30 am) :- Eziekiel bread, 2 poached eggs, 1/8 cucumber, 1/4 tomato

Lunch( 2:00 pm) :- 11 oz grilled chicken

Dinner ( 6:00 pm):- 6 oz turkey veggie meatballs & 2 1/2 eziekiel bread + tomato salad w/ dill( no dressing)

Exercise:- 30 minutes intervals on Elliptical. - 300 calories according to my Heart Rate Monitor.